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Herzliya Cultural Center (TEO)

Wayfinding system for Herzlia cultural center

Teo is a center for art & culture situated in a beachside residential area of Herzliya. It is a one story concrete building designed by A. Lerman Architects Ltd.The signage system designed for the building combined a Black & White clean typography and raw steel sign panels with etched and paint filled graphics. This materiality aimed to communicate sincere aesthetics, complementing the concrete and glass architecture.

Client: City of Herzliya
Architects: A. Lerman Architects Ltd.
Designer in charge: Yanir Barazani
Photos‭: Shai Epstein

Wayfinding Programs Cultural & Public Building


7 Ha’Kalaniot St.
Kiryat Tivon 30652
Tel: +972 (77) 4070 933
Fax: +972 (77) 4070 955