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The Process


Data Gathering and Field Survey
Gathering essential data for the project – architectural plans, simulations, sketches – is vital for understanding the challenges, the needs and the character of the place. At the same time we conduct a field survey and visually document the existing situation. The photographs help analyze the problems involved. In addition, we meet with project architects, project managers and relevant consultants, and have them share their knowledge with us.


Analysis and Programming
A wayfinding program is a sign-location plan, based on traffic patterns, decision points, and a grasp of the arterial roads. A wayfinding program can include a system of outdoor signs, indoor signs, or both. At the preparation stage of the program, we develop a kind of “sign menu” for all the players in the game. It helps us map the wayfinding needs of the project as a basis for developing a graphics concept.


We review the various sign types as three-dimensional objects, which are not stand-alones but elements that are integrated into the architectural space. Each sign type is then developed in a procedure of detailed planning, at the level of product design. We examine materials and manufacturing techniques, in order to provide prospective contractors with a set of plans for budgeting and cost proposals.


Family = language. The power of a signage system is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We create a “family” composed of a variety of modules or sign types with a uniform appearance, graphic language and color scheme.

Implementation: Preparation of Samples and Mockups
After the project has been awarded to a signage contractor, actual samples of the work are made. This is a vital part of the process, in which the viability of the planning is examined, new materials and techniques are tested, a mockup is produced, and the final design approved.


Fabrication Supervision
Once the plans are turned over to the contractor, we monitor the manufacturing process in the factory and the placement of the signs in the field. We check and confirm samples of color and materials, and ensure that the manufactured product is exactly as planned. At the end of the process, we prepare a list of defects that need to be corrected before we can consider the project complete.

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