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Niv Kasher

Niv Kasher is a graphic designer who specializes in environmental graphic design. During the years he spent in the United States, Kasher worked for the design firm Sussman/Prejza &Co., one of the world’s leading studios in a field that combines graphic design, architecture and urban landscaping; S/P has won many design prizes in its 50 years of existence. While working at S/P, Kasher was involved in large-scale identity and signage system projects for the cities of Long Beach and Santa Monica, California, shopping malls and cultural centers around the globe, and more.
Kasher’s work has appeared in leading journals and has won him international awards. Niv brings to the partnership both design and managing experience. Along with his professional practice as a designer, He presents and shares his knowledge and experience in wayfinding and urban graphic at professional conferences, and is a consultant for companies and organizations in the fields of wayfinding and orientation.

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