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Peres Center for Peace

Orientation and Wayfinding System for
the Peres Center for Peace, Jaffa

The new residence for the Peres Center for Peace & Innovation, designed by world-renowned architect Massimiliano Fuxas, was established to embody the aspirations and dreams of the people of the Middle East, and their hopes for peace. The unique building – composed of layers upon layers of concrete plates and glass panels – incorporates values of tradition and change.
The orientation and wayfinding system designed for the project aimed to add another layer to the architecture without overpowering it, creating an almost transparent presence, clear in message. The material used for the project included clear glass and natural aluminum, which complemented the exposed concrete of the building. The individual transparent lettering used on the glass surfaces affords unobstructed views of the building’s interiors.

Client: The Peres Center for Peace & Innovation
Architects: Massimiliano Fuxas
Local Architect: Yoav Messer, Architects

Wayfinding Programs Placemaking
Cultural & Public Building


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