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Jerusalem Sign Masterplan

Design and develop comprehensive sign masterplan for the city of Jerusalem

Launched in 2010 by Eden, the Jerusalem Center Development Company, the Jerusalem sign masterplan program was attempted to bring some order into Jerusalem’s chaotic urban landscape as far as signs are involved.
the sign system included identification signs (names of neighborhoods, streets and squares); directional signs for pedestrians and drivers; “totem” signs that include a wayfinder area map; and tourism and heritage signage. The design of the wayfinding system is characterized by clean lines, restrained but very legible use of color, and classic typography. The most prominent color used on the signs is a grayish green, suggestive of the olive trees that are native to the hills around Jerusalem. The font chosen was ‘Hadassah Friedlaender,’ a classic serif-type, recently revived by typographer Yanek Iontef.

Client‭: ‬City of Jerusalem, Engineering division, signage department

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